Line lagacé Basque Fine Art Studio
 Line Lagacé Basque at the beaverbrook art gallery
Photo by Keith Minchin
Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Line Lagacé Basque is a student of the colorful world that surrounds her, and she never feels as free as when she has a paintbrush in her hand. Born and raised in New Brunswick, she has made her home in Fredericton since 1989. She discovered her passion for painting in December of 2002, selling her first painting less than a year later. Her first commissioned piece soon followed.

Line is represented by Ingrid Mueller Art + Concepts in Fredericton. Her paintings hang in private collections in China, Quebec, Newfoundland and New Brunswick, including the private collection of the honorable Herménégilde Chiasson, former Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Provincial Capital Commission.

Line has consistently grown with each piece she has completed, honing her abilities through study and practice. While her style is modern, it is based on proven techniques gleaned from an accomplished group of painters, many of them realists. Among her tutors are Marvin Mattelson from the School of Visual Arts in New York and Canadian Artist Glenn Priestley. Like Norman Rockwell, whose work she admires, Line focuses on the ordinary, the basic fabric of everyday life for inspiration. She often finds herself reflecting on simpler times, in particular the 1950’s, 1960’s and early 1970’s; she loves the concept of mixing the old with the new.

Oil is her medium of choice, as its richness allows her to create a world that is pure, crisp and colorful. The result is energetic and intense, perfectly reflecting the artist herself. Her subjects are often children, as they portray a vulnerability and range of emotion rarely seen in adults.

Line approaches her painting with a mix of vulnerability and fearlessness. Though she has already accomplished much in a short period of time, she knows she has more to learn and looks forward to seeing how her talent will grow and change in the future.