Line legace Basqué Fine Art Studio
 Line Lagacé Basque in her studio
Photo by Keith Minchin
Artist Statement

Since the very beginning, creating has been at the core of my soul. From the moment I could hold a pencil, I drew. In December 2002, I finally put color to my images. From that point, art took on a new meaning for me. There is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment I get when a simple brush stroke transforms my work and gives it a life of its own.

In the search for my artistic voice, my images varied from portraits to figurative works. Although I did not realize it at the time, the answer was before my eyes all along. From the beginning I gravitated towards the ordinary, the simplicity of everyday life; people, mostly children, in various life situations. The themes seemed torn between two worlds, either that of my childhood years and the innocence of its time or that of the modern day with all its innovations. Finally, one day the fog cleared and I realized my heart lied in figurative works, representations of the everyday, incorporating a bit of the old and a bit of the new.

In 2006, I changed my medium from acrylics to oils and have not looked back. I love the richness and suppleness of oil. In my opinion, it is the medium most conducive to figurative work. While I consider my style modern, it is based on proven techniques used by the great masters.

I take painting very seriously and feel a certain responsibility with each creation. I want my work to awaken the senses, dulled by the fast pace and over stimulus of today; challenge the spirit; evoke memories or simply keep the wonder alive. Picasso once said "Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life". My goal is to create art that washes away the dust and reveals the beauty of everyday life.

I have embarked on the long road to discover the knowledge that I feel was so evident in the work of the old masters. And so, I am most indebted to Marvin Mattelson, American portraitist, for his insights into the academic painting process, for expanding my attention to detail and for opening the doors to new approaches and methods in relation to my work.

I eagerly begin an endless exploration, my life’s work.